Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kramer the Racist

Heard about those comments that Kramer made in a stand up comedy routine? They were so inflammatory, I have to wonder if its no just a publicity stunt.

See the video here.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kiran Desai Wins Booker Prize

Seems like us brown people are popular these days on the author circuit....the most recent example being Kiran Desai, who has just won the extremely prestigious Man Booker Prize for her novel The Inheritance of Loss. And if you read it for no other reason, the cover is a beautiful blue!

Here is an excerpt from a CBC article:

“In India, the Booker is really followed by the media,” she says. “After I won, the press called my family there for their reaction. All my old aunties ran at high speed to the phone, so happy to say embarrassing things about me, like ‘Kiran was never a bright student, but she once cooked me a very nice meal.’”

See the rest of the CBC article here.

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