Monday, September 11, 2006

Skool Me Daddy!

Update: I did go to the show, and boy did my friend and I feel old amongst the 20-ish crowd. Big Norm had his moments during his stand-up routine (although his mom, watching in the audience in a cute yellow raincoat, did flee the stage after he mentioned her), and the crowd seemed into it.

Isis was amazing, that girl has a voice and minor-key backing melodies and dope beats that made it sweet!

Great hip-hop show coming up this Thursday at the El Mocambo. As is appropriate for this time of year, its called Skool Me Daddy, and will include some fantastic Canadian performers such as Isis and Brassmunk.

Isis alone should be worth seeing...she's only 20, but has an amazing voice and uses great old jazz samples in her music. Should be sweet!

As a side note, now that I'm now back to school I may not be able to post as many of my Toronto outings as I have over the summer, but I always strive to keep up to date on interesting events/issues going on in the T-dot. Stay tuned!

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