Sunday, May 28, 2006

Doors Open Toronto - Canada's National Ballet School

This building was amazing. There was so much light and open space that I felt like dancing myself!

Interesting fact about the beautiful floors: they are basically parquet floors, but with each piece of wood turned on its side instead of being laid flat. This creates a more interesting and intricate pattern, as well as making the floor more sturdy and flexible: form and function!

Interesting historical fact: the building housed the CBC for many years, until 1995. In its current incarnation, it provides space for dancers to practice, and there are residences as well for the dancers that do not live within commuting distance.

Interesting financial fact: almost half of the dancers receive substantial bursaries, so that no one is turned away as a result of financial need.

Interesting ballet education fact: there is a music room to provide a music education as well as dance. I guess it makes sense that you would have to be well versed in music in order to be a good dancer. The third shot is the outside of the building, in which choreographical notations (how choreographers write the steps) are etched in the glass. It is apparently very complicated....I believe it!

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