Sunday, May 28, 2006

Doors Open Toronto - The Carlu

Today was spent viewing the glory that is old Toronto architecture as part of Doors Open Toronto. Definitely a day well spent. I visited four buildings: The Carlu, Canada's National Ballet School, Gooderham House and The York College of Industry and Technology (formerly the Massey Mansion). The intricacy of the workmanship and the attention to detail was truly breathtaking. These photos are from the Carlu. I will create a separate post for each building, so that you can concentrate on one building at a time.

The best word to describe this building is posh. From the thick carpets to the skylights to the old-fashioned "phone closets", this is definitely high class. You wouldn't think so from the rest of the building (yes you do know this building...its the one at Yonge and College/Carlton with the Winners and the Tim Hortons), but once you reach the 7th floor, its a different world. The lighting was what really caught my attention, as these photos indicate.

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