Saturday, August 19, 2006

Alleyjaunt 2006 - Post # 1

Checked out the Alleyjaunt (installations and artwork in the garages and alleyways around Trinity-Bellwoods Park) last weekend. Divided into two posts for your viewing pleasure.

This one was great. A little tent that had this video playing on a drop down screen set to great 30's jazz. Click to enlarge the pic, and you can see that there is a chair set up in front of the screen, and the figure sitting in it is the same one in the video. It was great, because you felt totally removed from the sunny park outside, and felt like you were transported to another place. It really reminded me of those old-school video booths they used to have in malls when I was a kid, that had cartoons playing.

This is a pic of the ceiling of one garage used in an installation. I just thought the colours of the various pipes and wood was great in and of itself. The guy that "donated" his garage to an artist to do his thing was this old fella named George. He was so entertaining that my friend Don thought that HE was the installation. Hilarious.

This is from the same garage. Hurray for paint chips that can brighten a day so easily!

This one was just too cute: little wire urban animals with tiny stylish clothes (seen on the next pic below). The gals were great, and we discussed the virtues of well dressed urban animals soe length....a much underdisscussed topic!

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