Sunday, August 20, 2006

Fjord Rowboat/Versoma/Red Sparrowes Show

Checked out Versoma and the Red Sparrowes on Saturday at Lee's Palace.

Unfortunately I missed Fjord Rowboat's set, but heard from others it was fab. Sorry I couldn't post pics, I just didn't feel like lugging the camera out. But, I think I saw Frank there, he may post some pics in the upcoming days.

Versoma was, without hyperbole, the loudest band that I've ever seen (in a club show), that title being formerly held by C'mon. I had to move back from the stage twice! Not sure if its because I'm getting old or what (although they almost asked me for flattering!), but I think earplugs are now in order. Anyhoo, despite the intense volume, Versoma was really good. Very heavy, but good minor key melodies going on. The funny thing about them was that they all (except for the bald, heavily sweating guitarist) looked like cuddly emo-listening-cardigan-wearing boys. Good on them. Highly recommended live, with earplugs.

The Red Sparrowes exceeded all my Godspeed You Black Emporer but better in the sense that they can limit their soundscapes to less than 20 minutes. I wasn't surprised to learn that one of their members used to be in metal band Neurosis, who I used to be a big fan of. beautiful lush, heavy stuff with great backing images on a projector screen behind them. I think I'm in love with their amazing bassist. Make sure to catch them on their next trip to Toronto, they're from L.A.

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frank said...

nope, wasn't there but cool that you enjoyed it. would have been there but something else came up...