Monday, June 26, 2006

Boards of Canada and Black Turtleneck

Picked up the latest Boards of Canada EP, Trans Canada Highway and the debut release Musical Chairs from Black Turtleneck from the always excellent record shop Soundscapes on the weekend.

Trans Canada Highway is the usual Boards of Canada fabulousness - they somehow manage to consistently make the ultimate chill out music (no matter who you are or what you listen to) without sounding canned and generic (I won't mention any names - cough- Thievery Corporation). The first track is also on their latest full length release, Campfire Headphase, but the rest of the tracks are new and sweet. Sit back with your intoxicant of choice on a sultry summer night and lose yourself in the groove.

Do you like Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb, Adult. and so on? This is for you: Black Turtleneck makes an impressive first release, although one of the members is the talented Solvent, and the experience shows. Crunchy angular electro-synth-pop that may not be incredibly original, but good listening. The opening track Discontinued Parts is a beauty, more tracks like this please! Music for when the party is just getting off the ground, cleaning, or wandering around the more industrial parts of the city. I think I remember hearing an interview with them on CBC Radio3 where they said that the name of the band typifies the anticipated wardrope staple of their anticipated musical audience.

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