Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dyke Pride

I skipped the Dyke March itself, but did head down to the gay village for some post-march frolicking. As you can see above, there was a ridiculously high police presence. But instead of being evenly distributed throughout the area, they were concentrated in certain areas, as above. It looked completely ridiculous. Mind you, the best part was when my friend was talking loudly about how high he was, and where you can get good pot seeds etc. while standing right in front of this cop phlanx. Nice.

As above, the usual suspect were out, like Enza, the B-Girlz, and this one who I see around fairly often.

My friend pointed out to me this little noticed, but very clever pride decoration. Considering that the Steamworks in one of Toronto's classiest bathouses, this pearl necklace deco was all too appropriate.

And of course, the usual food/drink vendors were there. Every year I never miss getting a great, mixed before your eyes fruit shake from these Jamaicans. This year it was pineapple mango (mmm.....pineapple mango).

It seems that every year there are more and more men on Saturday, what is supposed to be the "womens' day" of pride. In fact, not only was I there with two gay men, but I ran into a guy I knew from high school. He wasn't out then, but I sure had no doubt that he was out when I saw him on Saturday. Gay as fuck. I've been a hag in training for a long time, is all I can say.

I also caught some great performances, but couldn't really get close enough to take good photos. the Greek/Arabic sounds of Masa Meze, the Indian/jazz sounds of Autorickshaw, the queer-positive pop of the Wet Spots (their "do you take it in the ass" song will remain in your head for days after you hear it..from the last link, go to their music page and hit "do you take it") and the Skin Tight Outta Sight Burlesque troop (hosted by my friend, the lovely Miss Kitty Galore) were all fantastic.

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