Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Afrofest 2006

Last Saturday we went to Afrofest in Queen's Park. We were just sitting on the grass, enjoying the fine African tunes, when these two adorable little boys jumped on Chris' back in a friendly attack! They hung out with us for at least 20 minutes, and the parents were cool with it, so we let them. In these pics you can see them sharing our drink, and cleaning Chris up. At one point a black woman walked up and commented to Chris that it must be nice to have someone to clean you up...we were kind of embarrassed, as having two little black boys clean up a white man wasn't looking too good!

Above is a pic of some very powerful African drummers...didn't catch their name, unfortunately. Below is an example of the fine wares that were for sale. I myself picked up a sweet wooden bracelet for $7. Word to crafters: it doesn't take much time to remove hot glue threads from your handmamde jewelry, and it will make it look much more professional!

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