Monday, July 10, 2006

Canada Day Weekend in Tobermory 3: Wind Project

This is the last post in a series of shots taken in and around our cottage on July 1st weekend. These shots are all of the Melancthon Wind Project. Not the best quality, as I took them from the car while driving by. We always pass the township of Melancthon on our way to the cottage, but this year is the first year that they've really gotten the wind project underway. The last couple of years there were a few wind turbines, but this year there are so many! There have been some grumblings from farmers and other area residents about how the turbines are an eyesore, but I feel quite differently. When I saw them, so many of them, my heart just leapt. They are like pure, wild, white, graceful creatures in the sky that also happen to create energy. This is only phase I, and phase II will be shortly underway.

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