Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stop the (Middle East) War Rally - Saturday July 22!

(photo of Lebanese village courtesy of

Israel's actions making your blood boil? Feel the need to protest? In the Toronto area? Come on out to the rally this Saturday, organized by the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War. Here are the details:

MASS RALLY Saturday, July 221:00pmIsraeli Consulate180 Bloor Street West(west of Avenue Road, north side of Bloor)

The situation in the Middle East has rapidly escalated into an international crisis that threatens to pull the entire region into full-scale war. In response to the capture of one of its soldiers, Israel has attacked Gaza - bombing water and electricity stations, bridges, roads and other vital infrastructure, creating a humanitarian disaster for hundreds of thousands of people.

Israel has now spread its attack to Lebanon - bombing Beirut's international airport, major highways and other civilian infrastructure, at the same time issuing threats to Syria and Iran.Scores of innocent people in both Gaza and Lebanon have now been killed by Israeli bombs. These are war crimes.

Join the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War and its allies for an emergency public meeting on Monday night to discuss the growing threat of war throughout the region and what we can do to stop it. Then join us for a mass rally on Saturday to demand an immediate stop to Israel's attack on Gaza and Lebanon and to oppose an attack on Syria and Iran.

Organised byToronto Coalition to Stop the WarEndorsed byCanadian Arab FederationJewish Women's Committee to End the OccupationCoalition Against Israeli ApartheidMuslim Unity Group - TorontoFor more information or to endorse, please e-mail
Toronto Coalition to Stop the WarTCSW is Toronto's city-wide anti-war coalition,comprised of more than fifty labour, faith and community organisations,and a member of the Canadian Peace 416-795-5863

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