Sunday, October 08, 2006

Friday Night at Spadina Station

We all know that the TTC has its problems, mainly with service. Here is the large crowd waiting for the Spadina streetcar on Friday night. Eventually, as often happens on Spadina, three streetcars came at once. I was hoping that this would stop when they reintroduced the streetcars, as I remember the same thing happening when buses ran on Spadina many years ago. Answer me this: why is it, that when people can clearly see that there are two other streetcars waiting, they feel the need to stuff themselves onto the first streetcar?It doesn't pay off; the first streetcar out will have to pick up the most people once it starts making the stops.

Also managed to get a shot of a cop/merchant interaction, also at Spadina Station. Perhaps there was a a robbery? Who knows, but I like the body language that this shot caught.

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