Saturday, October 21, 2006

Grounds for Art Public Art Competition

Manhole Cover from France

Manhole Cover from Japan

Although "manhole covers" are not first and foremost in our minds when we think about public art, why not? They're necessary, so why not make them beautiful and meaningful too? Many cities have done great things in this regard, as the pics above show.

See more on the what different countries and cities have done with their manhole covers on

Now its Toronto's turn. As part of the Regent Park Revitalization, the City of Toronto is holding a competition to design new gratings for utility hole covers such as water valve covers, storm sewer covers and sanitary sewer covers. This is a fantastic idea, as manhole covers are always there, but mostly ignored. Its an easy way to inject some creativity into the city, literally from (below) the ground up.

Anyone can submit up to three designs, so get cracking! The deadline is Nov. 27/06. Read more about it here.

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