Monday, October 16, 2006

Otto Vass Inquest - October 2006

You may remember hearing about Otto Vass a few years ago, as the guy who was beaten to death by police in front of the 7-11 at Landsdowne and College in 2000. The police were never charged, and after much controversy, today they are beginning a new inquest.

Riddle me this: if the idea of the inquest is that Vass did not receive the justice he deserved, why is it that a group representing Vass' family (the ones who can really ask the tough questions of police) are not being allowed standing? WTF? Add to this the additional discrimination that comes with the fact that Vass had a history of mental health issues, and this becomes totally ridiculous.

Quote from a CBC article:
"We are going to have a very unbalanced inquest where there won't be anyone really probing the police," said Peter Rosenthal, a lawyer representing a group called the Committee for Justice for Otto Vass.

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Get the story on what really happened from OCAP here.

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