Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sock Hop Arousal Gig - October 15, 2006

Checked out the band Sock Hop Arousal , and Undadogg the other night at The Kathedral, as part of Frygirl's twice annual (I think) Hempfest. It is so named, because one can access a special "smoking room" (which is really a covered over outdoor area), and purchase some "special" baked goods.

Sock Hop Arousal was brilliant as always, with their dub sounds and socially conscious lyrics. Check out pics of Sock Hop from the gig here.

Undadogg consistently delivers smooth and soulful trip hopp-y grooves, and they're tight as all get out.

Frygirl was also excellent, with her stripped down, honest acoustics, with haunting melodies. Doesn't hurt that she's got a voice that could carry across a continent! This time she has some accompaniment (guitar and djembe, I think), but I think I prefer her solo, as I've heard her before.

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